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back pain
The state of the art ViMove Technology allows our experts to analyse the way that your spine moves. This can help us to give you very specific rehabilitation advice to make sure that you recover from your back problems. Just as importantly, we use ViMove to reduce the risk of your Back Pain returning.  Read More
idd therapy
Petra had pain for 8 year, after standing in high-heels at work for 8-9 hours per day. The pain appeared suddenly. She tried everything she could, pain medication, acupuncture, physiotherapy and yet nothing helped. She has had 20 treatments and she says it has “changed her life” She is back to being a personal training and teaching fitness classes & feeling great. She was even featured in the Daily Mail National newspaper: You can readRead More
Disc Bulge: But now George is back playing with his children, pain-free.
  George was always a sporty person but this reduced when he had kids. He decided to get back into shape and started running into work. He stared to get a numbness behind his knee which was caused by a spinal disc bulge that was pressing on his sciatic nerve. He started IDD therapy to decompress the nerve as the machine distracts and the mobilises the spinal joint whilst it is distracted. He also usedRead More
herniated disc
  Tom had problems from May last year, injuring his back in the gym. It started as lower back pain but it spread lower & lower into his leg until he had sciatica pain all the way down into his foot. It was affecting his sleep, he couldn’t sit for too long and even coughing, and laughing was unbearable. His GP eventually sent him for an MRI scan which showed a disc protrusion (herniated disc)Read More
spinex disc clinic NW1
  A collection of Testimonials for Spinex Disc Clinic NW1. Patients with severe pain in their back, Neck & Legs. Some of them were told they needed spinal surgery. Others were really down because nothing they tried would help their back pain.    Read More
neck pain
  Simon had experienced severe neck pain for 8 years. He has had a course of IDD therapy and he feels he is 99% fixed, and is confident he will be cured soon.   He fully recommends IDD therapy to anyone with back & neck pain.      Read More
Slipped Disc
  Nawa was really stressed at work and eventually he couldn’t move. He then found out that he had a slipped disc and two bulging discs. He couldn’t walk for move than 5 seconds. Now he is back to normal thanks to the care of our team @ Spinex Disc Clinic using the latest technology with the IDD Machine.    Read More
Idd Therapy
  Here is our fun cartoon describing the benefits of IDD therapy @ Spinex Disc Clinic.    Read More
Sciatica, back pain & trapped nerve relief through a surgery free alternative – IDD Therapy. Leo tells his story.. Where he started treatment about four months ago. Previously he had severe sciatica and lower back pain for about 18 months. He had tried lots of other treatments and hoped that IDD therapy would be the thing to sort the problem out finally. He says that it has “worked wonders” He can sit for longer atRead More
disc prolapse
  Chris suffered a disc prolapse @ L5-S1 and was experiencing severe back pain for four months. She was having to take strong pain medication six times a day and had to stop playing badminton and dancing She had six IDD therapy sessions in two weeks and now wakes up without pain. She has ALREADY reduced her pain medication down to once per day and is swimming and looking forwards to getting back to dancingRead More

Surgery is not the only way!

We can usually get pain relief for 80% of our patients, but when they’ve already had spinal surgery our choices for treatment are limited. Here is a recent email enquiry from one patient to Spinex Disc Clinic telling us about their medical history:- August...

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Summer Newsletter 2016

With summer finally upon us, we are very happy to release the summer newsletter! Contents includes my participation on an expert panel at the COPA Exhibition in Excel. The introduction to the newest member of the Spinex team! We are also running a competition where we...

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Tyler’s Blog on Bulging Discs

So welcome to the first instalment of Tyler’s Blog series where he’ll discuss general health and wellbeing tips, opinionated common misconceptions as well as patient inspired topics of interest. To kick start we’re going to begin with a question I get asked frequently “What...

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I feel I have a life again – Max

Towards the end of last year we had several patients come to us with serious back injuries such as herniated discs (or slipped discs) and these injuries have been caused by lifting weights or exercising in the gym. One patient, a 43-year old woman who...

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