Patients with back pain come to Spinex when they find other treatments have not worked.  Here Francesco is helping Lulu who is having a programme of IDD Therapy.

IDD Therapy treats targeted spinal segments.  As you can see patients remain fully clothed and the machine does the work.

IDD Therapy is non-invasive and when hands-on treatment is not enough, gives patients the opportunity to resolve or improve their pain without resorting to surgery.

Of course some patients come to us when they have had injections.  Injections can help ease pain but they do not address the stiffness and compression in the spine which is a problem, especially when there is a herniated or bulging disc.

We’ve been using IDD Therapy since 2014.  We do have patients who just need some hands on treatment and exercise guidance but in the main, we are best known for our programmes when other treatments have not worked.

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