Congratulations to Andrew who in February was the main feature in an article in The Daily Telegraph.

Judith Woods came to Spinex in 2018 with pain in her arm and aching feet.  She saw Andrew Garbett who is a chiropractor at Spinex Edgware Road, London.

Andrew sees patients with a variety of conditions and set about helping Judith get out of pain.  He looks at the whole body because pain in one area may be the result of an issue somewhere else.   Our bodies are a single unit after all and work as one.

Judith happened to be a journalist and she was so impressed with the work that Andrew did that she asked to write up her experiences with him.Plus de muscle: ce sont les nouveaux commandements pour réussir sa musculation what do acheter rexobol 50 avec france expedition vidéos vintage de musculation grand-mère.

See PDF of the article Andrew Garebett Spinex Disc Clinic Daily Telegraph Feb 2019

Andrew has a steady stream of new patients who come to him for his expertise.

Andrew says “People are often surprised at what we can do here.  The body is complex and long term pain is usually caused by things which have built up over time in different areas.  We can usually get people moving again quite quickly whilst getting to work on the underlying problem areas.

The headline of the article is perhaps testament to the work Andrew does.

It was good news for Judith, but it’s also very good news for the NHS.   When patients who might otherwise take up a lot of time going back and forth to a GP get their pain addressed at Spinex and other clinics, it frees up precious time for our GPs.

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