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We provide a range of treatments for joint pain, dysfunction and sports injuries. We have a special focus on the relief of low back pain and neck pain caused by spinal disc problems, such as herniated, bulging or prolapsed discs and related conditions including brachial neuralgia (pain down the arm) or sciatica (leg pain).

We offer a free 15-minute discussion and so if you aren’t sure where to go next and which form of treatment suits you, just come along and see one of us. We’ll be able to look at your MRI scans and give our expert opinion. If necessary, we can refer you for an MRI scan, x-ray or DXA scan.

I have had to live with pain in my neck for 45 years and I have suffered from headaches on and off all day for 30 years. Once I started IDD Therapy I noticed a relief in pain. My most…

Anthony, London

What People say about Spinex Disc Clinic.

Spinex Disc Clinic was set up in May 2014. It is the first clinic in London and the UK specialising in the treatment of disc problems with the use of IDD Therapy.

Latest Reviews
I’ve had four IDD treatments. I was sort of towards the end, about to have an operation and then I found you guys. Now I can actually walk properly, stand up straight and I can have a good night’s sleep.…

Ashish, London

I had been suffering with back pain, radiating into my leg for years. I couldn’t carry anything or sleep well at all. After just one treatment of IDD I felt wonderful and I could walk down the street with no…

Suad, London

I have had lower back pain for four years with bulging discs in L4/5 and L5/S1. After a few IDD sessions I started to get less pain, especially at night. I am now able to sleep through the night, as…

Petra, London

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