Christmas is coming and new year resolutions are in the making!

Every year December then Christmas can’t come soon enough.  With winter reaching its peak, most of us get ready for a well deserved break and hopefully gather around the dinner table with our loved ones.

It’s a particular year this one, where tradition is uncertain and, for some, the term “holiday” lost most of its meaning.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” (Clive Staples Lewis) – That’s what we all hope for.

Hope though, is not enough. We must all do something for us, to make us feel better and to help us face what lies ahead with the correct headspace.ABC Training: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Kampfsport bodybuilding-snack: vor und nach dem training.

So why wait? Why wait for the new year’s resolution that often gets forgotten?

Here’s what we should all do: let’s take care of ourselves. Let’s show our body some well deserved love and listen to it.  From the food we put into it to the liquids we drink.

And what if you are in pain? Are you constantly taking pain medication and or ignoring your symptoms? This year we say NO to pain and discomfort, we say NO to stress and fear of activity, we say NO to factors inhibiting our life.

What better way of getting rid of obstacles inhibiting our freedom that getting out of pain? Let’s all be healthy this year for a brighter future.

Let’s enjoy the time with our family, and let’s enjoy the time off that we have by getting our symptoms checked and treated. We all deserve a valuable break, we all deserve a peaceful Christmas without the constant reminder of our body’s aches and pains. Not this year. It’s already been too tough as it is.

At Spinex we now offer you a 30 min FREE Musculoskeletal Assessment (MSKA) where one of our qualified osteopaths will listen to you, will assess your whole body and will give you guidance on what can be done to solve your issue(s). You are important to us and we want to be just as important to you. We pride ourselves with helping thousands of people get their lives back on track without pain and without fear. This is what we think you need for the new year.

Here you can see what we give in the free session and we treat you just the same as we would if your were in a paid consultation.