Ciao (chow)!

It’s Francesco your Italian Osteopath here at Spinex.

I hope you are all safe in this difficult period.  We are eager to start again and help people.

The plan is to re-open on Tuesday 9th June.

As we all know things can change in these times (!) and we will send you further confirmation in due course.

We know that quite a few people have been struggling with pain during lockdown.  This has been especially those who are working on laptops or where working from home has changed habits and positions (non-ergonomic chair/desk … sofa!).

Osteopaths and Physiotherapists in Italy as in the UK are preparing the return to work and they have been instructed on how to proceed, taking all the precautions possible.

Face masks, plastic barrier, patients should arrive on time and not earlier so they do not wait inside, sanitizing the clinic and leaving a gap between patients so to refresh room).

Hopefully not long to go.  To any patients I always recommend trying to maintain good posture, do regular exercises and stay hydrated.  Not always so easy!

I hope to see and help you all as soon as we open.

For now, stay safe and strong!