Welcome to London's Specialist Disc Clinic

If you need something more for your back pain, you have come to the right place

Spinex Disc Clinic was set up in May 2014. It is the first clinic in London and the UK specialising in the treatment of disc problems with the use of IDD Therapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic. We treat patients with back pain and sciatica, neck pain and neurological pain down the arm. Disc bulges, herniations and prolapses can also cause other symptoms such as numbness, pins and needles and weakness in the arm or leg. IDD Therapy is a non-invasive approach to treating these kinds of problems.

When you book in for your first consultation, we will go through your case history with you, carry out an examination of your spine and look at any MRI scans and reports you may have with you. If you haven’t had an MRI scan we can easily refer you for one if necessary. This first consultation is free and we should be able to tell you honestly whether IDD Therapy is the treatment of choice for you. We have other practitioners here who may be able to help you if you’re not suitable for IDD Therapy.





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