Habits and motivation can be so hard to develop and so easy to break. In lockdown, we find our routines messed up. And this makes it difficult to stick to plans, especially health plans.

If you find yourself beating yourself up for something you haven’t done, take comfort that you are not alone and this is a uniquely challenging time.

I like ‘motivational videos’. Have a look on YouTube for motivation and you will get endless complications with the greats like Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins etc.

However we can’t allow ourselves to wait to feel motivated before we start to do something. Because we often don’t feel like it! So as Eric Thomas says, you just have to decide … and then do it anyway. The motivation will follow from there.

This applies to one of THE hardest things. Exercise when you haven’t exercised and you are in pain. Who wants to do that?!

The starting point is to begin gently and not set the goals too high. It’s like trying to work the rusty hinge on a door, easy does it! A little bit, a tiny bit, do something around the pain. That starting point is hard, but it is where you will plant the seed of motivation and that will carry you through.

Close your eyes, what’s the one thing you could do that you maybe have been putting off? Now decide.

Good luck everyone, hopefully not too long to go.

Best wishes to all.

Steve and The Spinex Team