There is an interesting article in the May edition of Spinal Surgery News. It looks at treatment options when back or neck pain persists and includes IDD Therapy.

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Here is the extract about IDD Therapy which we have been providing since 2014.

“When a condition has built up over a long time, the tissues around the spine can become extremely stiff and immobile. The discs in our spine rely on movement to replenish fluid and nutrients but if the joints become compressed, which is compounded by pain, then it can be very challenging to restore mobility and function to help the disc.

IDD Therapy is a computer-controlled spinal decompression treatment which practitioners use to decompress the affected spinal segments. This non-surgical treatment sees patients lie fully clothed on the table of the Accu SPINA machine.

They are connected to the machine by ergonomic pelvis and chest harnesses and then a gentle force pulls the pelvic harness at a precise angle. The way in which the force is applied means that we can take pressure off the affected spinal segment and importantly, gently stretch and work the tissues. This is done through a series of stretching cycles to help release muscle spasm and improve mobility.

Patients have a series of twenty-five minute sessions on the Accu SPINA machine. IDD Therapy treatment is combined with hands on treatment and exercise, again to help address some of the other underlying causes which led to the problem manifesting in the first place.

By decompressing the disc, restoring mobility and taking pressure off nerves, patients can make significant improvement and return to a pain free life.”

As disc treatment specialists, our philosophy at Spinex is simple. Some conditions need surgery. But unless there is an immediate need for surgery, then we use non-invasive treatment to get people moving again and out of pain.

If you or someone you know is struggling, we’re here to help.