“..It’s incredibly important to recognise that psychological elements (such as anxiety about the pain) feed into the physical, to create a complex series of chemical reactions in your body which can significantly increase your pain, which then make your anxiety about the pain worse.

It is a vicious circle, turning up the volume in your nervous system — like an amplifier pumping out loud music — which turns up the pain.

This approach to pain is known as a ‘biopsychosocial’ approach, encompassing the biological, psychological and social factors that lie behind it.”
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3707323/Are-blighted-pain-reveal-tackling-anxiety-banish-torture-good.html#ixzz4FWCBeri4 

Young business man holding his lower back at work
At Spinex we treat patients with low back and neck pain caused by disc problems.

A lot of our patients come here with a diagnosis of “disc degeneration” and have been told that nothing can be done for them.  This is stressful in itself. The team at Spinex believe that reducing stress levels is very important towards recovery from any injury, particularly one related to your back or neck.IDD Therapy is a very relaxing treatment in itself as well as been effective in encouraging damaged spinal joints to move again.  This in turns helps to promote nutrition to the discs allowing them to heal naturally.

The clinic offers a friendly and calming atmosphere and we feel that all the smaller details add up to the bigger picture, which is to promote an effective and natural healing process.