Scoliosis is a fairly common condition of the spine characterised by a sideways curvature of the back.

It usually manifests with an asymmetry of the shoulders and the rib cage, followed by back pain with muscular origin.

As a consequence, compensating curves form to maintain balance between the cranium and the pelvis, and the posture appears ‘twisted’.

Scoliosis normally develops in the growing phase starting from 3 year-olds but most commonly after age 10.

Causes are usually unknown (Idiopathic scoliosis), however there are factors that predispose its development like musculoskeletal imbalances, prolonged bad posture, but also traumas, infections, cancers etc. (secondary scoliosis).

How does Osteopathy help with Scoliosis?

Before treating scoliosis the Osteopath examines:

  1. shoulders, pelvis, rib cage, shoulder blades alignment.
  2. Legs length, paravertebral muscles.
  3. Spine movements and muscle-ligamentous elasticity.

The Osteopath then tries to re-balance muscle tensions, improve range of movement of the spine and pelvis through different techniques like joints articulation, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue, manipulation etc.

Osteopathic treatment for scoliosis is mainly effective in children and teenagers, especially for scoliosis secondary to musculoskeletal tension.

In adults, Osteopathic treatment obtains good results in the maintenance of good posture. In serious cases, surgery might be considered.

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