photo 3At a recent conference/ exhibition for physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors – The COPA Show – Sally Lansdale of Spinex Disc Clinic was invited to talk about IDD Therapy Disc Treatment.

To a full auditorium, Sally talked about her experiences of IDD Therapy Disc Treatment and presented a number of interesting case studies of patients with significant disc problems who had enjoyed complete recovery with IDD Therapy.

As one of the most experienced IDD Therapy providers in the UK, Sally sees many patients with disc problems who appear to have no alternative but surgery or spinal injections. Whilst not a cure-all, the IDD Therapy treatment tool enables the team at Spinex Disc clinic to do more for patients with disc problems, when they need someone thing more for their pain without resorting to invasive treatment options.

The talk ended quite emotionally as Sally surprised the audience by presenting the case of a lady with significant spinal issues who was practically unable to work before she had IDD Therapy. Sally then revealed that the lady was in fact her and that her life had been transformed by IDD Therapy!

The fact that Sally has opened two new clinics and was standing there presenting in person is testimony enough to that!

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