IDD Therapy is a treatment alternative to spinal injections and surgical methods to remove your pain stemming from a disc-related issue.

Lower back and neck pain are extremely common. Lockdown has indeed impacted the population with these symptoms and the number of people suffering with disc bulges or a herniated disc appears to have grown.

As human beings we are designed to move and to perform a series of tasks. Working from home and shutting facilities such as gyms has meant a reduction in physical health in many people.

Working without a proper desk setup has meant a period of adaptation for many of us. This adaptation period can result in pain. Working several hours at a desk and on a chair not designed to sustain prolonged sitting such as the ones at the dining table, can result in pain.

Disc issues, such as a bulging disc, are extremely common. As a matter of fact, you might not have any back pain, but on an MRI you actually might find there is one in you. Generally, healthy eating, staying hydrated throughout the day and movement which can be walking or a full exercise routine if executed properly, can keep you from being in pain.

In other cases this is insufficient. It may become impossible as you feel debilitated from the pain that you are experiencing.

IDD Therapy is designed to comfortably take the pressure off of your disc and any trapped nerve using targeted computer controlled pulling forces. Over the period of four to six weeks of treatment you can regain your ability to perform basic activities and allow you to focus on the phase two of recovery.

Phase two refers to the assessment of the major reasons for your disc issue. Movement analysis can indeed reveal movement patterns that can result in an increased loading of that disc. A detailed exercise plan and the combination of manual osteopathic treatment can be a very good way to keep you healthy and on the right track to a full recovery.

For more information, we offer 15 min free of charge telephone advice calls. Alternatively, feel free to pop in clinic to speak to a member of our team of registered osteopaths.