Towards the end of last year we had several patients come to us with serious back injuries such as herniated discs (or slipped discs) and these injuries have been caused by lifting weights or exercising in the gym.

One patient, a 43-year old woman who works as a Digital Consultant hurt her low back doing burpee kickbacks, another 24-year old man who is a Security Guard was doing deadlifts and Max, a 21-year old student injured his back doing sprint training.

Helping a herniated disc from a gym injury




Max came to see us last year with pain in his low back, into his buttock and down the back of his leg to the outside of his foot, which is a typical diagnosis of sciatica.

He had an MRI scan, which showed a herniated disc in the last joint of his back (L5/S1).  One of the diagnostic tests, which we do is the straight leg raising test and in Max’s case he could only reach 20 degrees, instead of the normal 90+ degrees!


Max was walking with a limp and found it difficult to walk quickly, only managing to walk for a maximum of one hour.  Sitting and coughing also made his symptoms worse and the three types of medication he was taking didn’t relieve the pain that much.

At Spinex Disc Clinic, we use IDD Therapy to target and treat specific spinal segments where there is a disc herniation.  That is what we did for Max.


Max has now finished a course of IDD Treatment with us at Spinex Disc Clinic, he is off all his medication and has a normal straight leg raise.  He is out of pain and able to lead a normal student life again.  He even went on his University skiing trip and he said “I feel I have a life again!”

So be sure to work hard in the gym.  Push yourself whatever exercise you do but be mindful of your overall condition, ensure proper technique (it is worth getting a trainer if only to correct your technique) and take your time!

Help At Hand: Everyone can pick up the odd niggle, if that’s your back, then we can help and if you do suffer a herniated disc at any time, give us a call and we’ll help you get back on your feet.