With its 6,000mg of nutrients in a single 15ml serving, Cartonica 6K is the delicious liquid joint supplement which gives greater joint nutrition than standard tablet combinations.

For many people, supplement taking can feel like a breakfast of smarties, without the pleasure of the chocolate!

Cartonica is a single 15ml serving and provides Collagen II, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, L-Carnitine, MSM as well as Vitamin D, Vitamin C and a sprinkle of Turmeric.

Joint Health and Cartonica

In the UK ten million people are affected by arthritis and joint conditions so it is an issue which affects everyone at some stage.  As we get older, the surfaces of the joints can degenerate through wear and tear of daily living over time.  Or we may start to feel the effects from earlier injuries or certain sports.

Cartilage is the smooth white material which cushions the surfaces of our joints and the biggest component of cartilage is collagen.  As we age, the body’s ability to produce collagen slows down, we see that on the outside in our skin and on the inside this can affect our joints.

Type 1 collagen is associated with skin, hair and nails, whilst type II collagen is used in connective tissues including cartilage.  In our joints, collagen accounts for 60% of the dry weight of cartilage.

Cartonica combines well known nutrients such as Glucosmine Sulphate to support joint health and includes 5,000mg of Type II collagen.  To get this much collagen from tablets would require the equivalent of five large tablets just for the collagen alone.  Plus many people struggle to swallow tablets or are taking other tablet medications on top of their supplements.

Sports Science & Nutrition

It is well known from sports science that liquids are the most efficient way for the body to get nutrients into the blood stream.  As a liquid, Cartonica’s nutrients are dissolved in greater quantities than can be put into tablets and can be easily absorbed by the body, without any of the bulking or caking agents which go into making many standard tablets.

How to take Cartonica

Cartonica has a delicious natural berry flavour and can be drunk neat or diluted with a little water.  It comes in a 500ml bottle, equivalent to a 33 day supply.

Next time you are in clinic, you might like to pick up a bottle of Cartonica.

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