Spinex Team

Spinex is different to most clinics.  We focus on back pain and in particular we help people with unresolved disc issues like a slipped or herniated disc and sciatica.

Most patients come to us when other treatments aren’t working and we have IDD Therapy programmes for such patients, especially people seeking non-invasive treatment.

But most issues are less complicated.  With the years of experience of dealing with backs which we have, sometimes the solutions are not as complicated as people think.

Need Help?

Some people need time to explain their issues because they feel they haven’t been listened to properly.  Others have a very good understanding of what they want, but need the right place to get help.

We can help you and are offering a back pain consultation for £25 (List price £70)

This 45 minute consultation gives you tremendous value.  We can help most people and this give you the opportunity to experience what we do for our patients.  If you are just after a second opinion, then our patients get great value from what the team do.

Call us on 020 7100 4598
We kindly ask you to quote SPINE25 when calling or when you come to the clinic.

Two Locations: 2 minutes Edgware Road Tube + 5 minutes Aldgate
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If you have an MRI, you can bring that with you and we can give you a no-obligation second-opinion, as well as treatment options.
Call us on 020 7100 4598

Spinex is an approved IDD Therapy Disc Clinic and part of a network of over 1,000 providers internationally.

We look forward to helping you.