At Spinex Disc Clinic we specialise in treating unresolved disc problems without resorting to injections, medication or surgery.

Most people come to Spinex when other treatments have not worked.   These include hands-on treatment and exercise, acupuncture, as well as anti-inflammatories and injections.

Spinex was established in 2014.  We provide hands on Osteopathy treatment for back and neck pain and we use IDD Therapy spinal decompression for unresolved disc bulge problems.

Bulging Disc Relief

There are a number of causes for a disc to bulge, but the result is commonly pain across the back or neck in combination with nerve pain travelling down the buttocks and legs, or down the arms.

You may have a bulging disc in your lower back or neck.  We treat both.

If you have had an MRI, you have probably been told that your disc bulge is at a particular level.

We use an MRI to confirm the level to be targeted during treatment but also to rule out anything which may prevent us from treating you (contraindications).

If you don’t have an MRI, we can arrange these locally during the consultation. Scan price is approximately £250.

FREE 15 Minute Consultation – If you would like to discuss your condition and see your treatment options we offer this at no charge.

IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression

IDD Therapy is the computer-controlled treatment which we use in combination with hands-on treatment for bulging or herniated discs.

There are over 1,000 providers of IDD Therapy globally and IDD is a highly successful treatment for people with unresolved disc problems.

Patients lie fully clothed on our comfortable memory foam treatment couch.  Ergonomic waist and chest harnesses connect you to the SPINA machine.

Based on the level of your disc bulge, specific angles are set to apply controlled pulling forces to the targeted level.  The goal is to gently decompresses the affected spinal segment.

Over the course of the treatments, we aim to take pressure of the disc bulge and improve mobility in the affected spinal segments.

This can help take pressure off the nerves to relieve pain.  For more details about IDD Therapy see our IDD Therapy page.

If you need something more for your pain, IDD Therapy may be appropriate for you.

If you haven’t had any hands-on treatment or guidance yet, then our Osteopaths Will and Francesco will be able to help you.  Will and Francesco provide either Osteopathy or IDD Therapy depending on the nature and severity of your condition and specialise in difficult spinal conditions.


Free 15 Minute Discussion – on the phone or in clinic, you can ask some questions and bring your scan/report for review

Consultation 45 Minutes£50 (Standard price £80).  We carry out a full consultation and assessment, which includes a ViMove movement assessment where appropriate.  Book an IDD Therapy Initial Consultation and quote FIFTY.

There is no obligation to have treatment.  If you need an MRI scan we can arrange the scan for you.

You can BOOK ONLINE HERE or call 020 7100 4598

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We are two minutes from Edgware Road tube station, on street parking available.

If you have a question, please use the form on our Contact page, email us at clinic @ or call us.