Supporting your body with VITALITI – the powerhouse liquid supplement for Immune Health, Energy and Wellbeing

Here at the clinic we are often asked about supplements for general wellbeing.  We recommend Vitaliti from Clinic Nutrition.

Vitaliti is a one-shot liquid supplement packed with 28 vitamins and minerals.  One dose of Vitaliti includes 500mg of vitamin C, vitamin D, all eight B vitamins, selenium, zinc and other key nutrients plus a super green blend with ginseng and an amino boost blend.

Vitaliti is designed specifically for people who are feeling run down (perhaps from stress or burn out) or who aren’t getting key nutrients from their daily diet. The liquid shot supports their wellbeing and immune system.

Vitaliti is specially formulated to have a broader range of nutrients and in larger quantities than practically any multi-vitamin available.

It is simple to take and, with its delicious orange flavour, a pleasure to consume.

Vitaliti is a great all-rounder you can get from Clinic Nutrition.

Why liquid?

Tablets can only contain a certain amount of nutrients before they become too big to swallow.  That is why many people often take a handful of tablets, which can also contain a variety of bulking agents and fillers.

With a liquid, the nutrients can be dissolved, and this makes it possible to put a broader spectrum of nutrients into a single serving and in greater quantity.  Multivitamin tablets sacrifice the quantity of each nutrient in order to have a broad range.

With a liquid, the nutrients are more readily absorbed and a liquid is far easier to swallow than a handful of pills.

Vitaliti aims to help people in three key ways:


Our innate immune system is our first line of defence, detecting intruding cells and trying to stop them replicating.  At the same time our white blood cells, sometimes known as natural killer cells, identify and kill the intruders.  The adaptive immune system learns to identify invading cells for white blood cells to recognise and then kill.

Vitaliti supports this with Vitamins A, B6, B9, B12, C, D and E, as well as Zinc and Selenium.

Having healthy cells means our bodies are as primed as they can be to fight infections.


Many of us do not eat our five a day of fruit and vegetables consistently.  This can result in us not getting as many nutrients as our bodies need for optimal function.  Vitamin B is actually a group of eight B vitamins which, amongst a number of functions, support cell health, red blood cell production and regulate how our bodies use energy.

Without B vitamins we can feel tired and sluggish.  Rather than having to buy a separate vitamin B complex, Vitaliti has all eight B vitamins in each serving.


Regular exercise, a balanced diet and sleep are the three key pillars for living a healthy and vibrant life.

Vitaliti supports the nutritional pillar by being packed with one of the broadest ranges of nutrients found in any supplement including; vitamins A, E, D and K; potassium; magnesium; COQ10 (which is an antioxidant); and many more.

Plus, it has an extra bonus: Vitaliti has a super green blend including spirulina to support digestive health, provide additional antioxidants, and amino acids which help our bodies use protein, support muscle function and the nervous system.

Each 500ml bottle contains thirty-three 15ml servings and comes with a convenient measuring cap.  With its delicious orange flavour it can be drunk neat, diluted with water or added to a smoothie.

All the nutrients in Vitaliti are PubMed-referenced on the Clinic Nutrition website.