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Back Pain

Simple back pain can develop for a variety of reasons such as age, lifestyle, activity or minor repetitive injury. Here at Spinex, we specialise in treating back pain from the simple to the complex.

Common Back Pain Symptoms

  • Can't sit or stand for long periods
  • Unable to bend of extend without pain
  • Fatigue from waking at night
  • Afraid to move, fear of getting worse
  • Pain is constantly on your mind

Due to immediate loss of function, muscles and ligaments compensate to a point when maximum load is reached and pain develops.

Spasm sets in and then we see people caught in the trap of a continuous pain cycle.

Spinal segments require movement to stay healthy and immobility is the Number 1 enemy of a healthy back.

We are not talking elite athlete mobility, simple movement is the most important thing to help your back stay pain free.

At Spinex Disc Clinic, we help patients with back pain, get off the viscious circle of pain and immobility and on to what we call a virtuous circle of good spinal health.

How Spinex can help you

Whilst most  back pain will resolve itself, when it becomes persistent, we provide a helping hand to get you out of pain and back to your every day activity.  We start with an initial consultation which comprises a full assessment and examination with one of the team.

The nature of what we do at Spinex is such that all of our team are back pain specialists.


For a hands-on approach we have osteopaths committed to getting you moving freely and without pain.

If you have a disc problem such as herniated, “slipped”, bulging or prolapsed disc in the lower back or neck, particularly if you have already had treatment, we would consider you for IDD Therapy.

IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression

IDD Therapy is a treatment for people with disc problems, where manual therapy alone is not enough to decompress the disc and mobilise the affected spinal segment.  This non-invasive treatment is intended for people who need something more for their pain, but who either aren’t suitable for, or do not wish to go down an invasive treatment route.

ViMove Movement Sensors

ViMove is the most up to date sensor technology.  It allows us to measure and thus see accurately your range of movement patterns and imbalances.  Imbalance can mean restriction of movement which can be a cause of pain.  We use ViMove in some spinal assessments to get some benchmark measures and for an overall biomechanical assessment.


Acute or Chronic Back Pain?

If you have got out bed this morning and are in pain and need to get moving, we will do our very best to see you as quickly as possible.

Most patients we see have unresolved back and neck issues and many have had an MRI. Again, we are here to help.

If you are worried about back pain, let us put your mind at ease.  If you would like to see or talk to us, there are two options for you:

  • Initial Consultation with Osteopath – 45 Minutes
  • Free 15 minute consultation to discuss your concerns

Thank you for choosing Spinex Disc Clinic

Tel: 020 7100 4598

I have had to live with pain in my neck for 45 years and I have suffered from headaches on and off all day for 30 years. Once I started IDD Therapy I noticed a relief in pain. My most…

Anthony, London

What People say about Spinex Disc Clinic.

Spinex Disc Clinic was set up in May 2014. It is the first clinic in London and the UK specialising in the treatment of disc problems with the use of IDD Therapy.

Latest Reviews
I’ve had four IDD treatments. I was sort of towards the end, about to have an operation and then I found you guys. Now I can actually walk properly, stand up straight and I can have a good night’s sleep.…

Ashish, London

I had been suffering with back pain, radiating into my leg for years. I couldn’t carry anything or sleep well at all. After just one treatment of IDD I felt wonderful and I could walk down the street with no…

Suad, London

I have had lower back pain for four years with bulging discs in L4/5 and L5/S1. After a few IDD sessions I started to get less pain, especially at night. I am now able to sleep through the night, as…

Petra, London

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