Every back behaves and moves in a different way and here at Spinex Disc Clinic we have the latest update in assessment analysis, ViMove2. Low back pain causes restrictions in the spine so that your back moves differently. With ViMove2 we can accurately assess these movements before and after treatment. This technology is also able to compare your results to age based data results. The results are put in a graph that makes it easier for patients to read and access their back results as well as any abnormalities that ViMove2 may find.

With ViMove2, we can track back behavior for a live 24 period after coming into the clinic as well as being able to track your results long-term. This ensures that you are keeping up to date on wellness goals. We are also able customise activity goals for patients to modify their movement behaviour. Through the ViMove patient app, you are also reminded about custom exercise programs.


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