The Hilton Hotel at Edgware Road is a neighbour of Spinex, an established back pain clinic just around the corner.

As the largest hotel in the capital, there is a great international feel at the Hilton and the Spinex team conduct team discussions in the coffee area from time to time.

As a back pain clinic, we know that back pain affects travelers.  In fact we coach our patients on how to look after their backs when travelling.

Key things like getting up regularly during the flight, drink plenty of water, do some exercise before you board your flight, avoid carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder etc are all key aspects of avoiding issues.

For patients who are travelling, it can be prudent to look out for reputable clinics before you travel, almost like an insurance policy.Bodybuilding-Training am Samstag fildena super active 100mg nahrungsergänzungsmittel für training, sport, laufen, fitness und bodybuilding.

For guests of the Hilton Hotel, they can walk around the corner and find a leading local back pain clinic near Edgware Road.

And Spinex also offers massage.

So when people have a meeting or have had a big day seeing the sights, we are often called upon to help!

If you have pain of any kind or would like a massage, book an Initial Osteopathy Consultation.

For HILTON HOTEL guests or other international short stay visitors, please quote HOTEL so that we know you are likely to be in need of a quick fix.

Call: 020 7100 4598 or BookOnline

Note: Hilton guests can also cross the road directly outside the hotel.

Walk past Marks and Spencer, under the bridge and turn first right into Bell Street, Number 48. Post code: NW1 5AW  (right hand side of the street).