As our name suggests, at Spinex Disc Clinic we specialise in treating disc problems.  Our goal is to help patients avoid pain medication, injections and surgery.

We see people with back and neck pain every day, from mild disc bulges to severe herniated discs.

Some patients have nerve pain, particularly sciatica, whilst others have a constant stiffness and ache across their back.


Established in 2014, IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression is at the heart of the clinic for unresolved disc problems, which we use in combination with manual therapy and exercise.

We listen and guide you. Our goal is to get you out of pain and help you to “get your life back”.

Herniated Disc Treatment At Spinex

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment is a non-surgical spinal decompression treatment.  It is the fastest growing non-invasive programme for disc problems needing more than just manual therapy.

IDD Therapy treats targeted herniated discs in the lower back or neck.  It works using computer-controlled pulling forces to gently distract or draw apart specific spinal segments to decompress the affected disc.  At the same time there is a gentle oscillation which serves to work the tissues around the disc and joint to help restore mobility.

If you need something more for your pain, IDD Therapy may be appropriate for you.

We offer a free 15 Minute Discussion in clinic or over the phone.

Or patients book an Initial Consultation.

Quote Google for Special Offer £40 (Normally £80)

Each IDD Therapy session is 45 minutes including 26 minutes on the IDD Therapy-licenced SPINA machine.

Most herniated discs are the end-result of a process built up over time.  Thus patients have a programme of treatments as we bring about change.

Depending on the nature and severity of the condition, the majority of patients have the standard programme sessions over a six to eight week period.

This allows time for the tissues to adapt and heal.  Some patients can feel symptomatic relief early in the treatment whilst for others it takes time for change to occur.


We are highly experienced with IDD Therapy and you can read more about IDD Therapy at Spinex here.

Location: Spinex is located two minutes from Edgware Road tube station, on street parking available.

For some patients, IDD Therapy will be the preferred treatment plan. There is likely to be some manual therapy in the programme and you will receive a lot of guidance on how to stay pain free.

This is part of a complete programme as the disc itself is just one component of a much more complex process that we are working on.

Not all patients need IDD Therapy.  The team are highly experienced manual therapists and help patients where a herniated disc is one part of the problem.


If you have pain and a herniated disc, you may have been offered an injection to ease inflammation or block the pain.

You may be considering manual therapy or, as is often the case, you are wondering whether you will need surgery.

We have treated over 2,000 patients since Spinex was founded in 2014.  The team were treating elsewhere before that and came together to really focus on unresolved back and neck pain.

If you have a herniated disc and need help, we invite you to an initial consultation and from there you will know your best route to getting out of pain.

You can book online or call 020 7100 4598

You can see our treatment prices here.

If you have an MRI scan and report, you can bring them with you.

For patients needing an MRI scan, a referral may be made at the end of the full consultation.  In London, MRI prices can vary by peak and off peak times, occasionally as low as £200 but on average between £250 and £300 for a low back or neck area.

Want to talk to someone?  Book the free 15 Minute consultation to see who we are and learn how we help people.  If you are seeking non-invasive treatment and are ready to get our help, then select a convenient time for a new patient consultation.  Tel  020 7100 4598