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If you have been diagnosed with sciatica, it is commonly due to pressure from a bulging or herniated disc in the lower back pressing on nerves, or from inflammation leading to irritation of the nerves resulting in pain.  It may also be caused by spinal stenosis or disc degeneration.

Sometimes pain in the buttocks is due to what is called piriformis syndrome, unrelated to the discs or facet joints.

At Spinex, we specialise in disc and sciatica problems and only offer non-invasive treatment.  In very rare instances do we need to refer people to a consultant for a surgery opinion.

Most of the patients we see have shooting pains down the buttocks, travelling further down the legs and some have pain down to the ankles.  Others have a continuous dull ache.

It’s the leg pain which drives people to take pain killers, stops them concentrating during the day and keeps them awake at night.  Many people will try injections to ease inflammation, but at Spinex we are interested in the underlying causes.

If you find yourself leaning away from the pain or avoiding certain positions, then we are here to help you.

We have expert manual treatments to get you out of pain.  We see so many people with sciatica that this is our bread and butter work.  But we also provide IDD Therapy for sciatica problems which have not responded to manual therapy-only programmes.

IDD Therapy is the at the heart of what we do at Spinex.  It’s the treatment which saved the career of Clinic Director Sally Landsale who suffered for years with a herniated disc before she had IDD Therapy at a colleague’s clinic.

If you have sciatic pain and are wondering what to do next, we offer you either a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your condition or you can book a full assessment, which also includes a Vi-Move assessment if suitable.

If you have an MRI, you can bring that with you and we can give you a no-obligation second-opinion, as well as treatment options.

If you need an MRI, we can arrange one for £250 including full report of findings.

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Sciatica and IDD Therapy

IDD Therapy is in essence a targeted treatment which relieves pressure on specific spinal discs and at the same time gently restores mobility in the vertebral segments. One of the goals is to take pressure off the nerves at the targeted spinal level where the nerves exit the lower back e.g L5-S1 or L4-L5 most commonly.  It’s safe, gentle and suitable for all ages.

We use IDD Therapy to treat low back pain, neck pain and sciatica where there is an underlying disc problem:

  • Herniated Disc
  • Slipped Disc
  • Prolapsed Disc
  • Bulging Disc
  • Sciatica and nerve pain in the arms

Working the spinal segment to improve function, we can also help where there is disc degeneration and inflammation and or loading of the facet joints.

Our Team

Sally Lansdale is the clinical director at Spinex. Having suffered with back pain on and off throughout her career, Sally experienced such a life transformation with IDD Therapy that she committed her practice to it.

The team at Spinex are highly experienced practitioners and their daily case load is patients with unresolved disc and sciatica problems.

Key questions we ask:

  • Have you been in pain for more than 3 months?
  • Have you tried manual therapy?
  • Do you regularly take pain medication?

We invite you to come and meet the team and see our wall of patients, all of whom suffered with unresolved disc or sciatica problems, which they thought either could not be helped or which would require surgery.

We have two locations, the first is 2 minutes from Edgware Road tube and the second is close to Aldgate station.

To book a consultation, free 15 minute or standard, call us on 020 7100 4598

Spinex is an approved IDD Therapy Disc Clinic and part of a network of over 1,000 providers internationally.

We look forward to helping you.

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