IDD Therapy

Non-invasive treatment for low back and neck pain


As an IDD Therapy Spine Centre, you receive the very best in non-invasive treatment for low back pain and neck pain.

  • Disc problem – herniated, degenerative, slipped, prolapsed etc
  • Sciatica – leg pain connected to a disc problem
  • Arm pain – this is nerve pain or tingling which can be caused by a disc
  • Manual therapy – tried some form of manual therapy
  • Pain killers – using various medications to relieve inflammation
  • Injections – had or are considering injections for some relief
  • Surgery – considering surgery as last resort (microdiscectomy, spinal fusion)

IDD Therapy is the starting point to getting you moving again by targeting and then decompressing the injured spinal segment

Developed in part to address the failings of traction IDD Therapy takes pressure off the targeted disc using advanced computer controlled pulling (distraction) forces. It then gently mobilises the spinal joint to help it become more mobile and allow the body’s natural healing mechanism to operate more efficiently.  In the process this can help take pressure off the nerves and relieve pain and related symptoms.


All the while you as the patient remain fully clothed and completely relaxed.

IDD Therapy Low Back Pain Treatment Video


IDD Therapy treatment programme

Chronic back pain and in particular disc problems don’t resolve overnight.  They have typically built up over time and therefore need some dedicated care to help the patient go about their daily life without pain, or with as little pain as possible.

The IDD Therapy treatment programme helps deal with the causes of the disc problem, typically the compression of the spinal segment and immobility, in a very safe and gentle manner.


A disc problem is usually associated with a particular spinal level. The discs are given names in relation to the vertebrae (spinal bones) they lie next to.  E.g L5/S1, L4/L5 (lower back) or C5/C6 (neck). When a spinal segment becomes stiff and immobile, you end up with the familiar vicious circle of compression and immobility … of the already injured disc.

If the disc then presses onto the nerves exiting the spinal column, that can cause nerve compression or irritation leading to shooting pain or dull pains down the leg or arms.   Some people may suffer from pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness in the legs or arms.

MRI Scan – An MRI scan helps determine the nature and location of your problem.  If you have an MRI scan , bring it with you.  If you need an MRI, we can help get you one for between £200 and £275.


The reason we use the SDS SPINA machine to decompress the disc is because it is a physical impossibility to achieve the necessary level of control, strength, accuracy and duration of distraction and mobilisation using our hands.

IMPORTANT – If you are not suitable for our treatments, we can refer you to an appropriate consultant.

IDD Therapy is supported by a body of evidence and has been featured in national press and specialist publications such as Spinal Surgery News.

If you would like to see some more information about IDD Therapy, look at the IDD Therapy website

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