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Back Care Tips: Day 2

In lead up to the start of Backcare Awareness Week, here is another back care tip that will also lead to positive life changes.   Tip 2: Improve your overall physical health, including drinking lots of water, minimizing alcohol consumption and eating an anti-inflammatory diet which includes green leafy vegetables and fish.

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10 Back Care Tips: Day 1

In the run up to Backcare Awareness Week 2017, we are going to post 10 daily back care tips to help you take care of your back in daily circumstances.   DAY 1: Exercise your back regularly by walking, swimming or using exercise bikes which are all excellent ways to strengthen back muscles.

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Texting is a Pain in the Neck!

A new study led by Judith Gold of Temple University suggests that the repetitive action of working your fingers across the number pad of your mobile phone can cause some of the same chronic pain problems that were previously confined to those who’d spent a lifetime typing. Gold says, “The possible connection is particularly worrying […]

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